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welcome to United Muslim Association of Baltimore (UMAB). This Association was established in 2010 to organize Muslims especially Muslims of  sub-saharan African decent in and around Baltimore area. The Loyalty of the United Muslims Association of Baltimore is Allah, and its objective is to please Him, in all its activities. UMAB is guided by the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) and the sunnah of the rightly guided caliphs (Khalifas) The sources of stipulations of this constitution and by-laws should not be in conflict with the holy Quran and the established, honorable, authentic sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). This Association is established for the sake of Allah and His Messenger (SAW), to bind us with Faith, Unity, Peace, Love, Togetherness and Friendship. We came together to seek Allah’s favor, Forgiveness, Mercy, Blessing, Love and Trust. To achieve this mission we need to free ourselves from disobedience to the Creator and love fellow human being without prejudice. Exercise a great deal of Patience, Tolerance, Forgetfulness and Forgiveness. We therefore need to broaden our Chest to give room for endurance, and to always remember even in the face of diverse background and opinion we can still forge ahead in unity.

And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah, and do not

separate. And remember Allah’s favor unto you: how ye were enemies and He made friendship between your hearts so that ye became as brothers by His grace; and (how) ye were upon the brink of an abyss of fire, and He did save you from it. Thus Allah maketh clear His revelations unto you. (Quran 3:103)